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There are many reasons why you may need to visit the doctor’s office, but sometimes you just need to have some laboratory services done. These laboratory services are all part of a testing process that can take place in many different ways. There may also be specific instructions that must be followed in order for the test to be done properly. If you are in need of these types of services, you can count on the convenience and quality provided by CPD Integrated Healthcare. We have been helping people since 2006 to get the medical attention they need when they need it.

One of the things that may be necessary if you have any type of lab test done is to fast. This is something that may need to be done specifically according to the type of test that is needed. The physician will provide you with the information, including how long you should fast before the test is done. Typically, it is 12 hours and you may need to abstain from any type of food, juice, tea or coffee because it can affect your blood glucose levels.

You are allowed to drink water when fasting unless otherwise specified by your physician. One of the tests that are done is a phlebotomy, which is a blood test. These tests can provide a wide variety of information to the physician, including your blood count, any chemicals that are in the blood and it is a great way to determine if you have any health problems that are lurking underneath the surface. Additional types of testing may also be necessary and these can include a pregnancy test, urinalysis, yeast infection testing, stool testing, skin testing, microbiological cultures, and mononucleosis testing.

When you use the medical professionals at CPD Integrated Healthcare for your laboratory services, you will receive the best care available. Not only can you be sure that the highest quality test will be taken, but you can also be comfortable that we will provide an accurate assessment and diagnosis. Some of the tests can even be done right in our office so there is very little waiting time.

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