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Various substances can have a damaging effect on the human body. Some of these may involve pesticides that are used on food, as well as medication that may help to treat certain symptoms of diseases. One of the ways to determine if those substances are damaging to either nonliving or living organisms is to preform toxicology testing. This type of process can help to make the medication compliant with government regulations.

There are many different products that may undergo this type of testing. Pesticides are perhaps one of the more common because they are used on the foods that we eat and can easily enter into the human body. Understanding how those pesticides affect living organisms can go a long way in helping to keep the food safe for all of us. Certain types of prescription and nonprescription drugs may also undergo toxicology testing to see if they have an adverse effect on the human body as well. 

 This is important to determine because it can help to outline certain side effects that are associated with them. Other types of tests can include those on cosmetics, artificial sweeteners, air fresheners, food additives and even packing materials.

There is also another type of toxicity testing, and that is the testing that would take place for an individual who may have some type of chemical dependency. By testing the toxicity of their body, they can determine what type of treatment may be necessary. These tests can also provide an indicator if the individual is still having a problem with dependency or if they are sticking with a treatment program.

At CPD Integrated Healthcare, we can provide toxicity testing for your needs and give you direction when necessary to an outside resource.

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