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Although there are many different types of diseases we may experience in our life, one of the most feared is cancer. It is a problem that can occur for anyone at any age but there are also those who may be predisposed to developing cancer during their lifetime. Perhaps you have a close relative who has suffered from cancer or you may have other risk factors that make it more likely for you to have the disease. In order to determine if you are at particular risk, the CGX test can be given. It is a test that can save your life.

The CGX test analyzes the DNA in the patient to look for specific genetic variants that may put them at an increased risk of developing hereditary cancer. It can help those who may be more at risk by making a further determination if they should have regular testing done throughout their lifetime.

This could include anyone who has a history of cancer or if a family member under the age of 50 was diagnosed with cancer. In addition, if multiple family members had different types of cancer or if one family member had hereditary cancer testing with variance identified, it could put you at greater risk. This type of testing is cutting-edge and is one that can make a difference in determining if you are at a higher risk for cancer or not. One of the things that you need to consider is if this testing is covered through your insurance. This is something that the professionals at CPD Integrated Healthcare can help you to determine. They can also look at any other risk factors that may exist and provide additional tests to make sure that you are clear of any cancer now and what the chances are of developing it in the future.

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