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Many people tend to separate healthcare into two different types, preventative and reactive. For those who prefer reactive healthcare, it typically means that the disease or condition you are facing is more advanced because you are already experiencing symptoms as a result of it. In order to provide a higher level of healthcare, it is best to go to a physician and take part in any necessary health screenings. This can really help to keep you safe and provide protection against various diseases that could affect you at any point in your life.

Screening tests are types of medical tests that are used by physicians to determine if there is a disease or other type of health condition that needs to be addressed. The screenings do not use symptoms, and in most cases they are provided before any symptoms exist. Having the screening test done on a periodic basis can determine if there are any problems when they are in their initial phases. This could make issues easier to treat and you have a higher level of success when it comes to overcoming the problem.

Although there are many things you can do to protect your health, getting screening tests on a regular basis is one of the most important. These tests can be given and depending upon factors such as your age, medical history and sex, they may be provided on a regular basis. Some of the specific types of tests that can be done look for cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, STD, vision loss, hearing loss and even mental health conditions, including depression.

Rather than waiting until any symptoms appear from a potential undiscovered health problem, it’s a good idea to come to CPD Integrated Healthcare and get checked on immediately. These screenings are available in all of our facilities, call today to schedule an appointment. After the testing, we can review the information that is provided and give you an accurate diagnosis so you know more about your health.

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