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When we are dealing with any type of medical issue, we may be provided with a prescription medication to help control the symptoms. The problem is, the drugs are not going to work the same for all individuals. For some people, the medication may provide exactly what is necessary for them to live a comfortable and long life. For the next person who is experiencing the same medical problem, however, it could result in severe side effects and possibly even death. What is the difference between the two and how can it be determined if you are a good fit for the medication?

One of the tests that can provide this information is the PGX test.

Although it is not commonly known, it is starting to be used in a variety of medical centers worldwide. At CPD Integrated Healthcare, we can provide the PGX test to determine if you are a good fit for any type of medication. They can make the difference between you being comfortable and symptom-free or suffering from additional problems that are associated with the medication. There are many types of lab tests. This test will respond to the current prescribed medication you are taking. The test results will help to determine if there needs to be an adjustment to your current medication list. By using CPD Integrated Healthcare, you can get the help you need for this testing and more.

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