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One of the problems that many people suffer from are allergies. The symptoms may vary from one individual to another therefore, it can be difficult to determine what is really going on behind the scenes. After all, there are so many different types of allergies that exist and sometimes, the allergen itself can be quite obscure.

Allergy shots, sometimes referred to as immunotherapy, are a type of long-term treatment program that reduce symptoms for individuals who suffer from allergies. In some cases, it may be allergic asthma, and they might have a difficulty breathing if they are exposed to the allergen. In addition, they may find that they are suffering from specific allergies, such as those to a stinging insect bite or perhaps to pollen. In any case, some people may suffer from minor allergic symptoms, such as a runny nose or itchy eyes but others may have a more severe reaction, perhaps even anaphylaxis. 

Both adults and children can receive injections that help with allergies but in most cases, children who are under the age of five are not going to be recommended for this type of treatment. Sometimes they may have difficulties with the program that would not be as much of a problem for adults and the symptoms may be an issue. In addition, older adults who may be in line for this type of immunotherapy might have to be concerned over any other type of medical conditions they have, such as cardiac disease. It is always best to discuss everything with the doctor before you go forward with any type of medical treatment.

New Patients can feel confident that CPD Integrated Healthcare can help with diagnosing many different allergies. The primary care providers and nurses on staff are there to help you feel better and to address any concerns that you may have about allergies or any other medical condition.

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